Pseudo-boehmite   CLEVERMIX™系列



●  Non-toxic, tasteless, odorless, powdery, with high crystal phase purity and low impurity content (sodium oxide content is less than 20ppm);

●  Features of high peptization index (above 99%), good molding properties, and thixotropic gel, which can completely replace imported products;

Product Usage:

This product is mainly used as a raw material activated alumina (catalyst carrier). It can be made into various shapes of alumina carriers for fixed bed catalysis, alumina pellets for moving bed catalysis, and alumina microspheres for boiling catalysis; Especially suitable for the production of alumina carrier for precious metal catalyzer. It also can be used as an alumina carrier for precious metal catalysts; it can also be used as a raw material for catalyst binders, molecular sieves or alumina microcrystalline ceramics.

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