Innovation Institute

The Innovation Research Institute is an innovation platform with complete R&D system and technical strength for the company’s R&D and organizational management. The Institute has realized industrialization for multi inventions among more than 50 technical patents. Based on the joint research center research and development results to having process conversion. The company adheres to the sustainable development concept of "eco-friendly technological innovation" and takes DLUT-BAOHTEC Lithium Battery Advanced Materials United Research Center as basic research platform, focusing on basic research and technical application of silicon and aluminum nanomaterials. The company has established long-term close cooperative relations with many scientific research institutions such as Dalian University of Technology and East China University of Science and Technology, and continues to invest in product research and development, technological innovation and innovation management. The company has been awarded the title of National High-tech Enterprise. It has provincial and municipal engineering technology centers and enterprise technology centers, an enterprise master's training base for the School of Materials Science and Engineering of East China University of Science and Technology, and has built tire materials, surface technology and analysis and testing laboratories. According to the marketing need, to form systematic scientific research management system and big data management mode from product design, development, process optimization, to production.

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