Joint Research Center

The company and Dalian University of Technology launched cooperation in the research and development and technical application of related materials in the lithium battery industry; We established a joint research center with the State Key Laboratory of Ultrafine Powder, Dalian University of Technology. The company has R&D and technology application centers in Nanxiang, Shanghai and Yichun, Jiangxi, dedicated to the innovative development and market application of nanomaterials and nanotechnology. The R&D technical team is composed of university professors and doctors, masters and engineers with rich experience, covering new product development, process improvement and optimization, product application research, analysis and testing, and technology management. The modular pilot scale equipment in Yichun, Jiangxi, is a bridge between R&D and the market, enabling the company with core ability of directional development and design of customized product, under the orientation of marketing needs.

Joint Research Center

  • Ning Guiling Professor Doctoral Supervisor   Director of Joint Research Center

    Vice Chairman of Dalian CPPCC, former Vice President of Dalian University of Technology, Representative of National People's Congress, Chairman of Dalian Jiu San Society, Director of Liaoning Province Boron Magnesium Resource Chemical Industry and New Material Engineering Center. He received his Ph.D. degree from Dalian University of Technology in 1996, and visited Novosibirsk Institute of Thermophysics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Kinki University, Japan, and Texas A & M University, USA. Serve
  • Dr. Tian Peng   Deputy Director of Joint Research Center

    Associate professor of Dalian University of Technology, Ph.D., post-doctorate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, currently a director of the company, and deputy director of Dalian University of Technology-Baohong Technology Joint Research Center.
  • Dr. Lin Yuan Senior Engineer   Expert members of the Joint Research Center

    He has been engaged in inorganic synthesis experiments, separation and purification and analysis for many years. He has participated in the National 863 Project and 863 Major Special Projects and a number of National Natural Science Foundation projects. He has repeatedly expanded and transformed laboratory technology and has rich experience in plant start-up.
  • Dr. Gong Weitao   Expert members of the Joint Research Center

    Mainly engaged in the design, synthesis and application research of functional materials, including smart assembly materials, porous materials, surface modification of materials and high-purity materials, and their applications in the fields of energy, environment and catalysis.
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