Our History

  • 2021 Year

    <p>·On December 14, Shanghai Ruiyu New Material Technology Limited has won the first prize of "Hongcheng Project" Entrepreneurship Competition. </p>

     <p>·On September 12, the test run before initial mass production of self-developed boehmite of BAOHTEC which with independent intellectual property rights was successfully conducted.</p>

     <p>·On April 21st, Baohong Technology launched the world's first low-zincification solution-SmartactivTM, a highly dispersible active agent, at

    <p>·On May 28th, the global largest production equipment for high purity alumina production via Alkoxide method was started operation in Yichun new plant of BAOHTEC.. </p>

     <p>·On April 21st, BAOHTEC facing the world to debut the low-zincification solution——highly dispersible active agent(SmartactivTM) in China Rubber Conference(CRC) held at Qingdao.</p>

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